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Home Interiors

Furnishing means enhancing a space with a mix of materials and styles. The feel of a home evolves with the tastes of its occupants, and personal preferences write the ideal narrative for the success of a design.

Our interiors are “turnkey.” They are unique, artisanal creations that combine tradition and continuous innovation in line with the latest techniques and trends.

Interiors for Public Spaces

When you look at the details you see that everything lies in the design. Traditional materials combine with technological innovation, which always leads to new ideas and solutions.

Throughout design, construction and installation at the company, Linea Effe works hand-in-hand with its partner companies supplying the glass for displays, equipment, interior decor complements and led lighting systems.

We have worked extensively in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, exporting Italian wood crafting know-how everywhere we go.

A Tyrolese-style "stube" in Milan Ottica Centrale Belluno
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